We Are Authority (Unmastered)

by Nick Nova



Going out with a bang. Time to End this Charade.
And they say that's a shame. Now We are what We made.
Shout it out while You can. Here Me now, Take a stand.
Silence Us, yes they try even though We know that We're right.

Take Your hands off Me, You're not the boss of Me. I thought that We were free? Don't You lie to Me No. I followed rules until You took advantage of that. I played the fool for the last time I want My life back.

Back up Back up, Keep Your Mouth Shut. We make the Laws and their corrupt. We are Authority, so listen carefully. Do what We say, Yes you'll pay for Eternity.


released December 6, 2015
Written & Recorded by Nick Nova @ Nova Space Studio



all rights reserved


Nick Nova Denver, Colorado

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